Art Cites is a visual art resource and news aggregator via social media, links and rss feeds.

Art Cites is the creation of artist, art writer and art historian Molly Enholm. After years of looking through disparate websites, listing guides, newsletters and scrolling through endless sources, from newsletters to tweets to numerous websites for the latest news and reviews, Art Cites is a personal project to bring together this information to a single source.

This site is ever a work-in-progress, to curate a central hub of information with links to a wealth of information from a variety of sources, with a focus on my personal interests ranging from Netherlandish painting to early Modernism. The nucleus of Art Cites, its home base, is Los Angeles, but the scope will continually expand to reach into the myriad art districts from coast to coast. Please note: some of the pages present curated news feeds, on others the information is sourced from twitter lists and other aggregated content. The opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect that of this website or its operator.

Enjoy the content, follow the authors, visit the sites, subscribe to and support your favorite newspapers, magazines, writers, blogs, associations and go see some art!