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explore the art and life of the Rococo master, jean-honoré fragonard, through a variety of virtual + online resources from the world’s leading museums.


Fragonard at the Frick

A virtual tour of the fabulous Fragonard Room at the Frick Museum, view the Rococo masterworks here.

Learn more: The Progress of Love
Colin B. Bailey discussed the historical context of Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s evocative series ‘Progress of Love’

Video: Tour the Château de Louveciennes

Highlights from the interior of Madame du Barry’s Chateau de Louveciennes where the Progress of Love was originally commissioned

Lecture: Fragonard’s Enterprise

Curator Gloria Williams Sander discusses the drawings created by a young Jean-Honoré Fragonard (French, 1732–1806) during his first and most important stay in Italy in the mid-18th century at the Norton Simon Museum of Art. View the lecture here.

The Swing
Dr. Beth Harris and Dr. Steven Zucker discuss Fragonard’s most famous painting, The Swing, at the Wallace Collection.

Secrets of The Swing

Curatorial Assistant Carmen Holdsworth-Delgado discusses he symbolism and content of Fragonard’s “The Swing” in this episode of “Secrets of the Wallace”

Fragonard on The Art Story

Fragonard’s work is at once emblematic of the 18th century and singular, elevating popular genre scenes to meditations on French society through careful use of symbols and lavish brushwork. Learn more here.

Talk: The Fantasy Figures

Yuriko Jackall, asst. curator, department of French Paintings at the National Gallery of Art introduces the 2007 exhibition, “Fragonard: The Fantasy Figures”

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Two posts back I included a very blurry copy of The Swing, by Fragonard in my first set of formative, favourite paintings. Here's a copy where you can actually see her tiny slipper flying off!
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Happy Easter 🐣- and the frock show is still hurtling onwards. Crazy Lockdown Frock Lady day 17. Time for more Vivienne Westwood, because, Lord knows, there’s a LOT to work through. This is an on-theme Sunday dress bought on Conduit St and perfect for a Fragonard Swing pic, just missing the up-skirter. I also own its twin in Zebra stripes, very Blinkie (this was supposed to say Blondie, but Blinkie works too annieblinkhorn). I bought it some time around 2005 and have worn it to so many parties, picnics and celebrations they blur. But I do joyously remember donning it on my first trip to NYC and also to the wedding of two friends in New Orleans, where the party formed a second-line parade round the city, following the dancing bride and groom and their brass band. It is he kind of dress that leads to strange adventures on sun-baked streets and forces you to tuck bougainvillea behind your ear - the wild huge grape print yells bacchanalia. I also learned to catch a frisbee in it, something that took me a mere 47 years to grasp. The belt’s not Westwood, can’t bear too much matchy-matchy and the purple Converse are an homage to my dear friend Debbie G, who used to wear nothing but. I hope and trust you all own a garment that has given you as much pure pleasure as this cotton number has given me. No dry-clean nonsense either. And beautifully made:two layers of fabric. #crazyfrocklady #frockdown viviennewestwood #sundaydress #fragonardswing #converseandfrock #viviennewestwooddress #easterdress #neworleanswedding ...

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Virtual Highlights: Fragonard

Artist highlights from different collections curated by Google Arts & Culture here.