I'm too old / too young / too busy. Yep, that's just one of the bits of 💩 we'll cover during the 1st installment of "Pennylane Calls Bullsh*t". Artist consultant #PennylaneShen is smart, funny & blunt, and she’s calling out the BS artists tell themselves: https://t.co/KoGt49PD94

Have a nice day! Make it even better by listening to our episode on these ubiquitous icons: the smiley face, peace sign and power symbol.

This week on the podcast: artist and activist Glenn Cantave founder of movers and shakers. Glenn uses AR and immersive tech to highlight the narratives of the oppressed.

New York’s evening sales of Post-War and Contemporary art down 31.5% year-on-year, which is the lowest result since November 2011 https://t.co/8BAFRTQY7s

Book Recommendation Friday: James Hall's Michelangelo and the Reinvention of the Human Body is a great deep-dive into Michelangelo's figures. What makes them tick? Also, crucially: why are his women so manly? We discussed this early in the podcast--check out Episode 4 for more!

"With a background in conservation, she has described the act of cutting up books as a “tantalizingly forbidden act.”" ... oooh, YES, yes it is! ❤️ Weird collages by #JessicaSinks on the site today { via @UpriseNYC } https://t.co/5z8kN6EQMB

Embroidery where the #BerlinWall stood... stunning. "Berlin", a series of 43 embroidered photographs will be on display starting TONIGHT at @KLOMPCHING in #NewYork (6-8pm). More about this beautiful and timely exhibition by #DianeMeyer on the site today: https://t.co/OCkHHTqddh

Peace, Power, and Happiness: You see these symbols every day but do you know how they came to be? We sent the 99PI team out to dig into the backstory behind these ubiquitous icons.


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"I find hope in making my work and in places of ruin where wildflowers grow, and in the poetry of those who have felt immense loss but continue to create.” ❤️ Gorgeous large-scale #collage by Canadian artist #JenniferMurphy on the site today: https://t.co/hIJjWwTyp3

CUT PAPER ... EVEN. THE. DRIPS. Yeah, that requires all caps for sure! This is a closeup of yet another stunning piece by #JoeyBates - New work (and info on his show that opens next week at @GalerieYoun in Montreal) on the site this week: https://t.co/eIRhLvF56f

A Patek Philippe watch sold for $31 million, the highest price for a wristwatch in auction, at a charity sale run by @ChristiesInc in Geneva https://t.co/qXaTjA8wzQ

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