"When speaking of subjects–racialized, migrant, incarcerated, and deceased–can an art object operate beyond being a fetish, an essentialized token of a culture, or a didactic representation?" Vince Rozario on "Material Tells" at @OakvlleGallries. https://t.co/wRoCHhC4tC

#OTD in 1925, Frida Kahlo was in an accident that changed her life. Most of her work was biographical, and many included references to this accident. Want more Frida? Check out episode #12 for part one of the Frida and Diego story: https://t.co/7HGA5YOKkS

"So often the diminishing difference between work and play involves labor bleeding into leisure: the gamification of work, toiling for free and calling it fun." @AndrewBerardini on "How to Stop Working Better" in @MomusArt

"While my exploration of color invites freedom, geometry invites control." Soooo, that's a painting... a super duper perfect painting. Colorful/geometric work (+ info on her show in #Austin at @WallyWorkman ) by @sarahcferguson on the site today: https://t.co/8eCCOIlyIy

“At the beginning of this year, a time which now seems a lifetime’s distance away, the whole country’s labor force was convulsing,” writes Jasmine Amussen. Eight months later and the whole editorial team at @BURNAWAYGA is unionized. https://t.co/uVKf4kt7eN

We’re kicking off spooky season by talking death! specifically the tombs and sarcophagi of the Etruscan civilization. #etruscans #funeraryart #tombs #sarcophagi #spookyseason https://t.co/dHDI1qfTfd

"Perhaps the real marvel is how something so heavy-handed manages to say nothing at all." Rahel Aima (@cnqmdi) goes hard at the "voiding of research art" at the @ParkAveArmory.

How can art collectors make sure they aren't over or under insured, especially with frequently changing art values? https://t.co/A09ZvOucOe

A painting of a painting in an art book! This beauty is titled, "Detail of 'Te Avae No Maria' from 'Paul Gauguin in Soviet Museums'" ❤️ Gorgeous work by #LaraDavies on the site today: https://t.co/cYhq9lqzIc

"At their best, rural festivals offer meaningful bridges between communities. At their worst, these models boast a prelapsarian escape from the vulgarities of a high-turnover, publicity-oriented international art system." https://t.co/K6MNMYKnEw

NEW ArtTactic Podcast: Huntington T. Block's Anne Rappa answers our questions about art insurance https://t.co/392dy9Mgv8

"I know that I too will die. But to contemplate the worsening climate crisis, ringed with denial and inaction, is to realize that our whole cultural world will die." Andy Patton wonders about the future of beauty in a world robbing itself of a future. https://t.co/urEV9GfJtl

New! In the latest patreon extra, Nat and Corrie gush over the latest Dr. Seuss book that's all about art history (and horses). #horsemuseum #drsuess #arthistory #horses https://t.co/1mziBoyY24

Have something to tell us? You can reach out here, on Facebook and Instagram, or the contact page on our website. Don't be a stranger: https://t.co/zN2WoSJpsC

ArtCurious host, Jennifer, here, coming at you from Venice! And what does Venice mean? Amazing Renaissance paintings (today at the gallerieaccademiavenezia). And what’s so great about Renaissance paintings? Well, a… https://t.co/18zztTMy1a

I walked past a display of cartoon Kahlo suitcases at the Cleveland airport yesterday and was all should I IG this or nah and was glad I did my part by choosing nah


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