Ever stop to think what #vincentvangogh & #fridakahlo have in common? Their portraits of others are self-portraits, and in this case, episodes 16 and 40 will explore their relationships with their caretakers in their iconic moments of bodily sacrifice at the altar of emotion. 🔎

Vantablack is a pigment that reaches a level of darkness that’s so intense, it looks unreal. It isn’t actually a color, but a form of nanotechnology that would go on to turn the art world on its head. #vantablack https://t.co/z7a1nHZyng

To celebrate @ChristiesInc inaugural January evening sale of Modern British Art, we are delighted to present a special snapshot of last night’s sale for all our followers https://t.co/iVOPIDCkLl

NEW ArtTactic Podcast: @DeirdraFuncheon joins us to discuss outsider artist Purvis Young's life and complex estate https://t.co/Ite01lCfDL

"When I was little, my sister and I used to play and put makeup on one another... it was always hilarious to see the result. I’ve taken people in positions of power and “played” with them." New paintings focusing on the JOY of playing by #AshleyLongshore : https://t.co/FK3uoCS2BV

Hark! Who is that looming in the storm clouds? It’s another episode pairing: discover how choppy waters of Romanticism stir our souls to explore our inner irrationalities in Surrealism by way of eps 18 & 32: #jmwturner’s The Slave Ship and #renemagritte’s Son of Man ✨🍏 🌊 ✨

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#TuesdayTrivia time! Matisse was the leader of an art movement called "Fauvism"-- Francophiles, what is the literal translation of "Fauves"? #artcurious

Pattern on pattern on paper! 🖤 Stunning work that blurs the beautiful black line between #fashiondrawing and #lifedrawing ... Work by #RosieMcGuinness on the site today: https://t.co/0srOF49qKC

ICYMI: Check out our inaugural artist report on Dana Schutz. Her auction market reached a new peak in 2019 with total sales for the year of just under $7.3 million https://t.co/7LbR5IQBaU

Less than / Greater than 💛 Oh my word, I LOVE the paintings of #VivianGreven ... More of her history-meets-contemporary work on the site today: https://t.co/8kc3KlCDdB

In Praise of the $1 @Patreon Patron: A Thread 🧵

So someone makes a free thing & you enjoy that thing. They put out a little tip jar and say, hey, a little karma goes a long way! How about just $1 per thing? You freeze up. Not because you’re cheap; the complete opposite. 1/6

All of our episodes are transcribed on our website. Go read through a few and share your new knowledge with all of your #Arthistory loving pals! https://t.co/uiVx8RhKV2

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