Stendhal once said “Beauty is nothing other than the promise of happiness.” In a world increasingly robbed of this promise, Andy Patton wonders about the future of beauty, by tracing the lines of its past.

On this day in 1911, the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre- its disappearance wasn't noticed until the next day! Get the full scoop in our very first episode:

Photogrembroiderwax? Here’s the thing… there’s no one category to pop this work into. Ethereal photography, delicate embroidery, tiny beads, and painterly wax all existing in this quiet, dreamy world created by #MarisaVeerman - More on the site today:

hey @nbcsnl … i bet you’re counting down the days till you can start using some of this solid gold material! #scriptswritethemselves #cantbelievethisisreal

Okay, this made a lot more sense in context. Yep, I said that - and a bunch of other stuff - over on @NoDayJobs (aka Don't Keep Your Day Job podcast) yesterday. Thanks to the lovely and talented Cathy Heller for inviting me over! Take a listen right here:

Magical and mystical #sculpture using rock, earth, moss and, oh, so much shattered glass! Beautiful work by #MaryBaum on the site today:

Just about time for the kids to go back to school! If you drive any kiddos consider playing ArtCurious in the car for some educational fun 🙂 (Most, but not all, of our shows are family-friendly!) #podcastrecommendations

There’s admittedly a lot going on in this screen grab, but child sex trafficking royals notwithstanding, the takeaway is that my dear mother-in-law recommended my podcast to Rosie “ya think there are men in this country who ain’t seen ya bosoms?” O’Donnell & omg she loved it. 🤩

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Gasp! Mixed media artist @andreadaquino has outdone herself - again! “A LIFE MADE BY HAND. THE STORY OF RUTH ASAWA” is a beautiful storybook that I couldn't love more. Oh, and I'm giving one away! Visit the site for more images + details on how to enter 🌼

registration is now open for art history babe NYC trip for itinerary & to grab your spot!
#art #travel #nyc #podcast #arthistory

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The London art market is bracing for international galleries and collectors to move works out of the UK in the run-up to Brexit

As part of the trade wars between the US and China, Chinese art and antiquities imported into the US will face a 10% tax

2 words that make me feel awkward: FUND RAISING. I pitched an installation (16'x16' room in a palazzo) for a collateral event during the Venice Biennale 2021 ... and I've been tentatively accepted! BUT, I need to raise $ to make it happen. Sponsors? Patreon? GoFundMe? ANY IDEAS?

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