MIT’s Center for Advanced Virtuality brought Richard Nixon back to life to deliver a somber speech. The results are shockingly believable.

Manet lets us look inside the tomb, and perhaps makes us wish we hadn't.

In his 'Dead Christ with Angels', there is no suggestion of the resurrection, not the slightest hint of redemption, and even the angels mourn.

The final exhibition of a trilogy at the Ford Foundation gallery imagines that our best selves have yet to be and that the people who have been most oppressed, most ignored, and rejected will lead us all there.

Attia’s work deals with the cultural differences that arise out of migrational flow and the new relationships facilitated by a multicultural world.

Kader Attia’s “Silence Kills” at @GContinua, Les Moulins.

Artnet News sat down with food artist Laila Gohar and graphic designer Omar Sosa to learn how married life fuels their creativity:

Artnet CEO @jacobpabst along with his father and Artnet founder Hans Neuendorf were just interviewed on Cool Hunting. Read on for how the father/son team addresses transparency, tech, and collecting art today:

The remix is a recurring theme for Jeffrey Gibson, playing a central role in both his formal and conceptual languages.

A recent study claims to have found concrete proof for Syria’s direct hand in the chemical warfare.

It's that time of the year!

@PULSEArtFair opens today in Miami, complete with special programming in honor of their 15th anniversary. Be sure to check out The Next Generation, a space at the fair dedicated to breakout and emerging artists.

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With Art Basel Miami Beach 2019 commencing today, we’ve been looking back at some of the best works from previous years.

Here’s 60 Works in 60 Seconds from Art Basel Miami Beach 2015… What will this year’s fair have in store?

Born Corinne Michelle West, the artist is among the forgotten women of the postwar era who rarely adhered to one style.

Toomey & Co. Auctioneers
Art & Design with Tradition & Innovation
Sunday, December 8 @ 10 AM CDT
LOT 117: Gustav Stickley
tall case clock, #3
#GustavStickley #ArtsAndCrafts #Clock

The Price of Everything is not about the love of art, but its exploitation. It’s a great peek into how art gamblers operate.

Before you scoff at the idea of KidsBasel, check out some of the work by the precocious stars. These savvy talents, aged 9 to 15, are redefining the term “emerging artist."

A pair of exhibitions from Thomas Joshua Cooper prompt viewers to consider the ways that individuals and institutions have interacted with California’s natural habitats.

Toomey & Co. Auctioneers
Art & Design with Tradition & Innovation
Sunday, December 8 @ 10 AM CDT
LOT 152: Tiffany Studios / Grueby Faience
'Acorn' table lamp
#TiffanyStudios #Grueby

If everyone wins the Turner Prize, what is lost?

Stunned art critics took to social media to debate the shocking gesture of awarding all four nominees the prize:

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