While there were significant gains during much of the 20th century, feminist progress in the academy has slowed—and may have already come to a halt. An examination via @nplusonemag: https://t.co/tn5RhVKnux

Come for the November sunshine ☀️🌴, stay for the cafecitos & culture ☕🎨: Join us in Miami Nov. 15-18 for your new favorite arts marketing conference. Register by FRIDAY for the best price! #NAMPC #foundinmiami https://t.co/y12ye3wbYV

Our #artsandbiz focused pARTnership Movement website has a fresh look and all new fact sheets, toolkits & case studies to help you create arts and business partnerships in your community! Get started now at https://t.co/XmLf16VEGE

@caavisual And, don't forget, applications to join @caavisual professional committees are due by Sept. 18. https://t.co/MVvfrLKfPK

Happy #NationalSeniorCitizensDay! To celebrate, take a look at our latest collection of articles on the topic of #creativeaging and how it relates to #museums: https://t.co/pVFsoSE33c

TODAY in Brazil's capital: the Avaaz team was joined by dozens of students calling on the Congress to end illegal deforestation, and pass urgent laws to protect this precious forest!

Over a MILLION back their call:

#PrayforAmazonas #PrayForTheAmazon

Time for a Musings Moment!

A small bit of advice for big changes.

Register for Musings at the Museum here:
https://t.co/ZXfmPscGG3… https://t.co/qKnkQyntDo

To diversify Its Asian art collection, the @metmuseum will sell 300 Chinese artworks at @Sothebys for as much as $4 million: https://t.co/K8Am55fy3c

Dr Kuanghan Li, director of our #China #Heritage Program, recently welcomed @AmericanExpress Shanghai to Dali Village (Guizhou) to see firsthand how our partnership is supporting traditional crafts and #sustainabletravel that benefits local artisans. More: https://t.co/74rBTwwIfa

Why study history? What can you do with a history degree? Find out the answers to these questions and more with the AHA's "Careers for History Majors" booklet: https://t.co/45Pehayy0m

Free tickets for the 2019 #NEAHeritage Fellowships concert on Friday, September 20 now available!

Visit https://t.co/giRr4k001s for details about the free concert at
@ShakespeareinDC + free September 18 award ceremony at
@librarycongress https://t.co/H2gLHmaDmd

Eastern monarch butterfly populations rebounded last year. To help make those increases permanent, we need to plant 1.5 million more acres of milkweed, native grasses and wildflower habitat across the U.S. And farmers are stepping up to help. https://t.co/sLkqPKrXaf

#1619Project copies are available free to the public while they last at the @SchomburgCenter courtesy of @nytimes and our friend @nhannahjones

"Knowing there are many structures and pre-Hispanic objects underground, but not being able to see them, requires a more challenging creative process to define how to intervene and interact with the site." https://t.co/Lm3xZwHp9o

U.S. cities at most risk for climate-change-spurred floods, droughts, sea level rise, heat waves, and cold waves happen to be the LEAST prepared for managing those catastrophes. https://t.co/x65duY338d

RT @femaregion2 Libraries and Non-Traditional Facilities in Emergencies Webinar, Aug 27 https://t.co/uODxUs2L0g @ALALibrary @TweetFLAlibrary @AFRNYC @IFCPP
@SmithsonianCRI @BeArtsReady @SuburbPhilaAFR

The overpass will provide safe passage for mountain lions, coyotes, deer, lizards, snakes and other wild animals crossing the 101 Freeway. https://t.co/gBeonPtcNa

#NationalRadioDay - Listen to the Podcast: Grand Canyon National Park's Centennial - What The Next 100 Years Will Bring. https://t.co/yyHG6kA8cy -- Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson talks to Jan Balsom, Senior Adviser to the Superintendent at Grand Canyon National Park. (8/14/2019) -mq

#ICOMKyoto2019 ¡Ya salió el folleto de la 25ª Conferencia General del ICOM! 📔

La aplicación de la conferencia estará disponible en breve. https://t.co/NtxpYhFtSJ

"Until just a few years ago, the major problem in searching for fossils of turtle precursors was that paleontologists could not easily imagine what something on the way to becoming a turtle might look like." - Hans Sues, curator of fossil vertebrates @NMNH https://t.co/JFbUTUqttF

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