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We must remember, that yes~ we can always let congress know what we want from our government. We hire them.... to work for us, for the common good. We have to do our part~

How can we reimagine healthcare for artists? Join us 8/20 for an #ArtsU Coffee Chat with the organizers of @opositivefest to hear how they bring creatives & healthcare providers together for a holistic exchange that honors everyone's talents. Register:

Thrilled to share this doc of Afro-Latin American & Afro-Latinx Art Historical Resources compiled by my colleagues of the Association for Latin American Art!

I'll be shouting out specific entries all month in honor of #BlackAugust


Looking for financial resources? Check out our regularly updated free and extensive COVID-19 financial resources for museums and museum professionals.

Arts activities continue to be my anchor for well being. No fluff here. Essential all the way.

Don’t forget the music, books, movies, TV that are keeping you sane right now and serve as a sense of connection and a glimmer of joy. THE ARTS ARE CRUCIAL.

We are a stubborn and wounded nation that needs to heal. Art is the way.

The signees encouraged everyone who could safely and financially remain at home in the fall to do so, adding that they would be choosing to teach all of their classes online.

In the best of times, the arts create connection, community, belonging, and joy. In the worst of times, the arts create all of that and more—and most of all, the arts create hope. Spread the word and find ways you can support the arts at #ArtsCreateHope

Margarida Mendes and João Martins, “Muddying the Waters”. e-flux Architecture "Oceans in Transformation”.

#MargaridaMendes #JoãoMartins #efluxArchitecture #OceansinTransformation #Oceans

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The Museum of the Bible and the Green family - the private collectors who filled it - increasingly appear to be a bottomless pit of trafficked antiquities

This is the damage a single collector can do.

No punishment for the buyer, no transparency from the market.

Crime abounds.

Summer may be winding down, but our Virtual Summer Programs & Field Trips are still going strong!
August 4: Stories of the Haudenosaunee
August 5: Baking for Suffrage
August 6: Story Art: Elizabeth Cady Staton
August 7: Fun Friday - Musical Rain Stick

“One of the most significant pieces of legislation in the history of the National Park Service."

Learn more about the #GreatAmericanOutdoorsAct :

These articles have been written to help you create the reality that matches your personal version of success.

What is the problem I seek to solve? For social innovators, this question may seem easy to answer, but it’s more complex than you think. These 3 startups are sharing their thought process in The RF-@AcumenAcademy Student Social Innovation Challenge: @tang_app, @mynkwa, & drizzle

Writer #JamesBaldwin was born #OTD in 1924. Soft-spoken, physically slight, and gay, James Baldwin devoted his writing career to an investigation of the deep-seated inequalities in American society.

📷: Carl Van Vechten, 1955.

Ed Summers writes about "What We Talk about When We Talk about Archiving the Web" in a review essay for #AmericanArchivist:

Browse resources, selected by @Culture24, that help museum professionals understand and better use digital tools and channels.

Longtime columnist and friend of AASLH Carol Kammen has been honored with the prestigious Lehman Prize for her career writing, promoting, and contributing to local community history. Many congrats for this recognition! 🎉🎉🎉,as%20county%20historian%20since%202000.

#HENTF #COVID Resource Pro-tip #4: @fema provides #museums #libraries #zoos #archives #historical sites & more w/guidance to help #emergency mgrs prepare for #disasters during #COVID19. #EMGTwitter #SCRI Click here:

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