#NAMPC arts marketing is not for the weak. Arts marketers are engines of ingenuity. Thx Stephanie Sun for being an inspiration @CMU_MAM

e-flux is very pleased to present Insurgency of Life, Goldin+Senneby's first solo exhibition in the US.

Opening and artist talk
Friday, December 6, 2019; opening 6:30pm; artist talk 7pm

More info: https://t.co/iw9rXU0FrQ

#GoldinSenneby #eflux

Number one barrier for diverse or new audiences? "They feel it's not for me" @CeciDadisman

A common comment in Miami. Time to make the arts relevant! #NAMPC

Attention #NAMPC peeps: in need of an expert? Take the opportunity to share your knowledge with others and find the expert you’re searching for! Join us for In Search Of 🔍taking place in CenterStage!

Already having a great day at #NAMPC? Get ready for more! Tonight's opening reception at @pamm has spectacular bayfront views, access to the museum's galleries, performances by local artists + delicious food & drinks. Meet us in the lobby starting at 6:30 to catch a ride!

We’re gathering important information about how the 2017 tax law changes are impacting charitable giving to #museums.

Complete our brief 9-question survey to share your data. #museumsadvocacy


Check out this brilliant @gouchermaaa alumni and faculty at #nampc with @artsmarketers and @Americans4Arts @GCGradStudies @gouchercollege

There's no better way for your #museum to bring holiday shoppers through your doors than to participate in #museumstoresunday on Dec. 1.

In 2018, hundreds of #museums saw an average increase of 47% in sales & 35% in visitors—learn more & sign up today!


Join us today, November 16, 5pm at e-flux space for "As the West Slept," artist panel with Fyerool Darma, Ho Rui An, and Erika Tan.

more info: https://t.co/fQJ7uBaJQq

Why are we choosing to exclude important parts of our communities by not being #WCAG compliant? This is our opportunity to make the necessary changes to our websites. @Adaptistration @VentureTweets @artsmarketers @Americans4Arts #NAMPC

3rd year at #NAMPC! I’m excited to be back ☺️ | Opening Keynote with @carlosgil83 was fantastic!! Lots of great insight, tools, and info shared! #artsmarketer #artsadministrator #artsmarketing

Check out the fifth republished @futureofmuseums Superstruct diary entry—originally written in 2009—predicting what the world might look like in 2019.

This entry is written from an isolated #Tuscan villa as the fictional world outside is in crisis:

Gus Casely-Hayford the British curator, cultural historian, and broadcaster & current director @NMAfA named director of new V&A East set to open in 2023. https://t.co/sYoRoHBAAY

“Tell more stories that humanize your brand, make people feel good, make it clear what your organization is about but drop the hard sell” @carlosgil83 on arts orgs cutting through social media noise #nampc #nampc2019

“The key to social media is not to use it to market, but to use it to listen.” - Carlos Gil at #nampc — singing the song of my people

Social media connections are like a 401k bank account. Over time, the value of those relationships increase. @carlosgil83 @artsmarketers #NAMPC

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