"I love the fact these things are imbued with someone else's DNA." #CCAwardee Jon Kessler uses found objects and motorized machines to explore themes of anxiety and climate crisis. Watch this interview and studio visit with the artist. https://youtu.be/SIqKhD2rVnY

The @firelightmedia Documentary Lab has an open application for a fellowship program that supports filmmakers from underrepresented communities with mentorship, funding, networking opportunities, and more. Deadline: June 22. http://ow.ly/MeNP50zQmHZ

This collagraph print, A New Day, was made by CaFÉ artist Noel Sandino in 2017. #NewMexico

See more of the artist's work at http://www.noelsandino.com

#WayOutWest #Printmaking #ArtOfTheDay

The Ken Burns Prize for Film is a $200,000 award that goes to independent filmmakers working on post-production for a feature-length US historical documentary. Apply by June 1. http://ow.ly/pPyP50zKNXd

In the latest wellness video made for Artist Relief, Jackie Sumell and her goddaughter, Brèyon, discuss the healing properties of plants, sharing recipes for teas and cider using ingredients commonly found in your kitchen. Watch the full video on YouTube. http://youtu.be/g_YD5N2EgGQ

Phillippa Lack is the talented CaFÉ artist that created this fiber piece, called Blue Mountains. It was made in 2015 using manipulated, pleated silk and commercial fabrics. #Wyoming

See more of Lack's work at http://www.pklack.com

#WayOutWest #FiberArt #ArtOfTheDay

"I didn’t want to shy away from what it would mean to title the film after my country, because the impetus for this was to visually illustrate inclusivity,” #CCAwardee Garrett Bradley says about her film AMERICA http://ow.ly/uXtl50zMBAu

New York City-based, early-career artists and collectives making urgent new work are welcome to apply for @TheShedNY's open call. Artists will receive a commissioning fee of up to $15,000. Deadline: May 31. http://ow.ly/1ENb50zNDfD

DYK @artistresidency has a fantastic library of resources for those running residencies, researchers, and artists looking for info about the field? Take a look at https://www.artistcommunities.org/resources

There's also a running document of their COVID-19 Resources here: https://bit.ly/39QmXOO

FIGURE THAT! - Deadline 06/15/20: 3 Square Art Gallery is looking for all types of works that show off your ability and creativity with the human figure. Small and large formats. Juror Ricki Klages. Cash awards, multiple exhibition venues... https://3square-art.com/calls-for-entry/figure-that-3rd-annual

Thank you to the @latimes and @jessicagelt for helping announce the launch of Artist Relief, our $10MM COVID-19 relief fund. Since this went to press, we’ve raised over $2MM more. The more we raise, the more artists we can fund. Donate at http://artistrelief.org #artistrelief

International performing artists experiencing legal troubles with with issues related to livestreaming, the US visa and immigration systems, and issues related to the new "public charge" rules can receive pro bono legal assistance from @tamizdatinc. http://ow.ly/f8eZ50zMAmW

"The more I learn about AI... the more concerned I become for BIPOC folks, queer folks, and people with disabilities who stand to be left behind, at best, or actively vilified, at worst." #CCAwardee Stephanie Dinkins talks with @PioneerWorks_. https://pioneerworks.org/broadcast/stephanie-dinkins-towards-an-equitable-ecosystem-of-ai/

Today at 6:30 ET, #CCAwardee Meredith Monk talks about her work BOOK OF DAYS with Adam Shatz, contributing editor of @LRB in a livestreamed conversation. http://ow.ly/B4L950zLIbJ

In 2019, @DreadScottArt organized a reenactment of the German Coast Uprising of 1811, the largest rebellion of enslaved people in U.S. history (http://www.slave-revolt.com). Join Scott this Fri @ 6pm PST for a convo w/ @AztecGoldTV! Register at http://www.dreamocracyinamerica.org! @creativecap

.@LPBMedia has two open applications for funding for documentaries from a Latino-American perspective, helping filmmakers with production and post-production funding, or with online distribution. Apply to either by July 1. http://lpbp.org/funding/

CaFÉ artist Charlie Stevenson (Psilly Goose) made this wonderful watercolor piece in 2019, it's titled One Day I'll See It Too.

Check out more of the artist's work at http://psillygoose.com

#WayOutWest #Watercolor #ArtOfTheDay

15th INTERNATIONAL ARC SALON - Deadline 08/14/20: The largest in the world in terms of entries, and the most diverse in terms of categories and international participation. Over $130,000 in cash awards, exhibitions, publication, and more... https://www.artrenewal.org/SalonApplication/Salon/Home

BLACK BIRTH MATTERS: Launching #TheOstracon, our new arts writing site, Nicole J. Caruth looks at the role of art, from George Stoney's 1953 film "All My Babies" to LaToya Ruby Frazier's 2018 NYT series, in humanizing black maternal health statistics: https://theostracon.net/black-birth-matters/

"Written with vim and wit, BARN 8 is a highly enjoyable treatment of a worthwhile social issue." @guardian reviews #CCAwardee Deb Olin Unferth's latest novel. http://ow.ly/hRyh50zKP6z

On 5/22, #CCAwardees Victor Payan and Pocha Peña interview another awardee, Dread Scott. Register to view the conversation on their website. @AztecGoldTV http://ow.ly/VlLQ50zKOqv

Many of the herbs already in our kitchen contain medicine for our energetic and physical bodies. In the latest wellness video made for @ArtistReliefOrg, #CCAwardee jackie summell and her goddaughter Breyona discuss the healing properties of plants. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_YD5N2EgGQ

CDC DOROTEHA LANGE-PAULR TAYLOR PRIZE - Deadline 06/09/20: Intended to support artists worldwide who are engaged in projects that fully exploit the relationship of words and images in powerful, persuasive representation ways. $10,000, publication... https://artdeadline.com/ops/cds/

.@artonthemart has an open call for artists to be commissioned to create an original artwort as part of their digital public art platform. Selected artists will receive $10,000 to exhibit their work. Deadline: June 15. http://ow.ly/FI0s50zKOcp


What does your digital life in quarantine look and feel like?

For a book project, we’re creating a time capsule of our new [virtual] reality with @PioneerWorks_ @AREdotNA @thecreativeindp

Add a diary entry here⟶ http://digital-diary.are.na

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