Join us for a moment of zen as part of today’s Artists at Home takeover series! In the piece Ultradepth (2010), Los Angeles-based artist #GalaPorrasKim leads a guided meditation. #MuseumMomentofZen #VirtualMOCA #ArtforAll

We are joining the initiative to show gratitude to our heroic healthcare workers. Thank you for all you are doing to save lives and keep us safe. #MuseumsThankHealthHeroes

Chris Burden's "Metropolis II" has a team of 4 conservators who care for each small part of the buzzing mini-city. See how this kinetic sculpture has run smoothly for over 4,800 hours since coming to LACMA in 2012. Watch the full video on YouTube →

Hans Burkhardt was an antiwar activist and infused important social or political messages into his unique brand of #AbstractExpressionism, rich in color, line, and form. The Card Players (1956) is exceptional with no overt message. #LagunaArtMuseum #CaliforniaArt #MuseumFromHome

This teapot was made by Peter Bentzon, the only early-American silversmith of African ancestry whose silver has been identified. Learn more about this featured object at #MuseumFromHome

Miniature painting thrived in the 1800s—until photography took over! 📷 As Met scholar Harry Wehle put it in 1927:

“The miniature in the presence of the photograph was like a bird before a snake; it was fascinated—even to the fatal point of imitation—then it was swallowed.”

#MetKidsFunFact: This lad may have a greenish color now, but during the Roman Empire he would have looked more golden.

The reason? When bronze is exposed to the air, it changes color from golden brown to green—like the Statue of Liberty! 🗽

Learn more:

Today is #SlowArtDay, a global event with a simple mission: help more people discover the joy of looking at and loving art. While you can’t go to a museum today, we challenge you to find a work of art in your own home. What do you notice that you might not have noticed before?

#SketchWithJeff is back for Episode 2! ✏️ Follow along with the Guggenheim teaching artist, and don’t forget to share your creations with us:

Hobson’s Choice - TAM’s open sourced online project has begun. Our first submission rather aptly reflects the times - who knew toilet paper would be the most in demand commodity?!

This work is called “Was ich…

Today’s #MuseumMomentofZen is this large pastel by artist Alfredo Ramos Martínez, currently part of the exhibition “Flores Mexicanas: Women in Modern Mexican Art”. Explore more of this vibrant exhibition at #FloresMexicanas 🌸 #DMAatHome #MuseumfromHome

Relax, practice mindfulness, and discover the joy of looking slowly at art through this 5-minute guided looking experience. #SlowArtDay #MuseumFromHome #MuseumMomentofZen #STLArtMuseum

Learn about Gerhard Richter's Ölberg here:

Feline friends make the perfect inspiration for a #Caturday art project! What does your kitten-inspired art look like? 🎨 🐱

📸 Pierre-Louis Pierson (French, 1822–1913). Giorgio de Castiglione, 1861, printed 1895–1910.


Sit back. Relax. Scroll. We are bringing you stories from our collection so that you can experience the #MuseumFromHome. 🏠

In 1940, Dr. Clarence Moore commissioned a portrait from Diego Rivera. The result: The Hands of Dr. Moore.

🔍Get a closer look at!

Game night, anyone?
Chess and backgammon were very popular in the 16th century. This game box depicts scenes of hunting, another favorite pastime of the aristocracy. Learn more:

👂 PODCAST: The Art of Slow Looking: 🐌
Hear from a psychologist & former monk about how the act of looking slowly at objects affects the way we understand them. #SlowArtDay

🎥 Happening now on Facebook Live:

Tune in to hear curator Claudia Schmuckli and artist Agnieszka Kurant talk about our exhibition 'Uncanny Valley: Being Human in the Age of AI.'

Today, April 4, join #musicathtefrist performers Carolina Story for a broadcast at 4 ET / 3 CT / 1 PT on Amazon Music’s Twitch channel! They’ll be playing thei new, unreleased album “Dandelion” all the way through acoustically

Happy Birthday to Howardena Pindell!
We're spending a rainy Saturday morning reading up in her extensive archive on our exhibition site from "Howardena Pindell: What Remains To Be Seen" in 2018:

Re-*visiting* Ragnar Kjartansson's "The Visitors" (2012) installed at SFMOMA in 2017. Excuse us while we wipe the tears of joy from our face.

Attn: Weekend Coloring Contest! 🖍 Download the Bowers new coloring pages on under “Kidseum Learning resources” and tag us @bowersmuseum #bowersathome with your completed masterpiece by Monday 4/6 at noon. All ages welcome! Winners will receive two free

#HandsONatHome family activity for the weekend: Make a color wheel using toys, jewelry, vegetables, or other household items and #ShareNevadaArt to show us your creations:

Our pals at the @gettymuseum have inspired such incredible art recreations, and we want to see you bring your favorites from the Hammer collection to life! You can always dig deep into our digital archives for inspiration:

What are you working on from home? 🎨🏠✏️

Check out our "How To Guides" 📝 for lesson plans and activities and get a taste of the #MuseumAtHome with your family or students!


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