selected art news via twitter

In his lecture-film Redistribution, Seth Price addresses the considerations and motivations behind his work, some more personal than others, while presenting the apparatuses that make it possible for him to create it.

"Bodies can be our own borders."

Artist Julia Chiang on making art about invisible forces within us, from sneezes to anger:

#FromTheArchive: Soufiane Ababri shows us sex as a political power. In drawings and performances, he uses the physical dynamics of male bodies to depict new narratives about violence, dominance, homosexuality and race.

Luhring Augustine (@LAG_NYC) jJoins the influx of galleries opening in Tribeca with a new space launching next year:

“The current decontextualization and instrumentalization of La Menesunda’s mass appeal betrays the work’s spirit—a spirit perhaps far too dangerous for the New Museum to conjure at such a fraught moment in its history.”

Ugo Mulas’s disarmingly tender photographs humanize his subjects and portray a 1960s New York art world that looks much like the current one, despite our tendency to mythologize that era.

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